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Emergency Shelter



Daily Living Needs

Our emergency shelters offer temporary housing to survivors and their children fleeing life-threatening situations. We have two warm and comfortable locations that can house a total of 55 women and children. Clients living in our emergency shelters are provided with food, clothing and all the necessities of daily living along with case management, safety planning, counseling, legal support, and referral to other community resources.

Clients can stay in the emergency shelters for up to 90 days and the locations of the shelters remain strictly confidential to ensure the safety of those living in the shelters. Children living in the shelters are enrolled in schools nearby or may attend their home school if it is safe to do so. Male victims and their children (if any) are given shelter at a local hotel and provided with the same services.


On-site Staff and Amenities

In addition to being staffed 24 hours a day by our trained advocates who are available to assist with anything our clients may need, we also have an on-site Counselor to provide individual and group counseling sessions.  At each shelter location there is a playground outside, a playroom with toys and children’s books, a fully-stocked kitchen, a computer station, and a group room for weekly counseling sessions, domestic abuse education classes and financial literacy classes.

Along with our Shelter services, clients also receive personal advocacy services from our experienced case managers.  These case managers are the direct ground support for clients and are experts on systems that provide resources, services, and opportunities.  We assist clients in setting goals and developing an action plan on how to attain them.  Our Case Management services range from providing basic needs such as food, sundries, clothing and school supplies, to more advanced needs such as education for budgeting, building resumes, job searches and job acquisition.


Empowering Clients

Our goal is to empower our clients to be fully independent and self-sufficient.  We move beyond simply providing safety for our clients—we help them to break the cycle of abuse, own their own circumstances, and foster confidence so that they can survive and be a positive role model for themselves and others.


Shelter Photos

Living Room (above) – Residents relax, talk, and watch television in the living room.  Living rooms are also used for group therapy sessions and special events.


Bedroom (above) – A typical bedroom in the shelter sleeps up to four people.  Families are placed together.


Play Rooms 1, 2, and 3 (above) – Children have their own special areas in the shelters where they can play and relax.


Kitchen (above) – All food is provided for clients.  Volunteer groups often prepare meals for our clients on-site.  We also often receive many donations of pre-prepared food from local restaurants. Otherwise, clients can cook for themselves and their families.


Outdoor Play and Living Areas (above) – Our outdoor areas at each shelter provide space for our clients and their children to relax and play outside.  These outdoor areas were built through the generosity of our donors and volunteers. 

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